Blessed With Opportunity

Do you ever just want to cry you feel so blessed and happy? Well that is kind of how I am feeling at the moment. Many of you probably don’t know but I spent this week in Spain and I am actually sitting in the Barcelona airport as I write this. This week here has been so incredible. When I was working at the hospital I forgot home much I enjoy traveling.

Any of you that have read this for anytime know that I spend a lot of time in reflection. Thinking about the past what happened and how it has shaped who I am today. It’s clear that I have had anything but a normal path through life and I shouldn’t be where I am. I am not the one supposed to get the opportunities that I have. Yet I was blessed to have received them.

You see as I was over there I was reminded how much I do not know. How much I was never taught. Things I want to make sure my daughter knows. I started asking a few of my coworkers questions that I honestly should have known, like the Catalan is a section of Spain. I noticed that a lot of the food I had never heard of or barely knew what it was and only from my adult life in recent years. I didn’t really have anyone there growing up to teach me these things. To have these conversation and educate me. These are things that I want my daughter to know. Spending time in other cultures and learning from other people make you more sympathetic and educated to the needs and feelings of all those around us. I suppose just a random revelation that sometimes makes me a bit sad, not because I did not get these things as a child but I suppose another reminder about how abnormal my childhood was.

Alas, I am sure you are a bit more curious to hear about what I did. Well don’t get to excited because in all reality I didn’t have a ton of time to explore, just over a day in time. However I was able to just walk around a lot which is my favorite way to explore a new place. I discovered a new fav brand of products (Rituals), found some cool stores, churches and even managed to stumble upon a protest for the independence of Catalan. Overall the architecture was amazing and the buildings by Antoni Gaudi were unbelievable.

Every time I am over here in Europe I think to myself “I was born and American but I should have been a European.” I just love the culture, food, styles of clothing, and philosophies on work and life. It really has made me consider if one day I should move.