Missing The Past Is OK

Something I have been reflecting on a little bit today. Yeah I know even this early in the morning but I suppose you don’t get to determine when you brain is like “Hey, we are going to think about this now.” There are a lot of things I miss about my past and what is no longer with me. Some in my more recent past and others the more distant.

For people like me that really need closure to move on and closure being something that we rarely get in this lifetime, it is hard to let go, hard to be ok with what it is. So, often I stew. Until just enough time has past that my heart can truly recognize that it is gone and there is nothing that I can do to bring it back. Yet I think that is alright. Missing something that you had and no longer have is normal. I would say often when I miss something at I want it back. I don’t typically miss something that I wouldn’t want back, why miss that? It seems a bit crazy to me. The things I miss might not be a whole person or a whole event but parts or that person or that moment in time. Typically they are things that brought me some sense of comfort a warm and fuzzy feeling deep down inside. It’s that sense of comfort and warmth that I remember.

I guess what I am trying to say is it’s alright to miss the past, not having closure is normal and it all depends on perspective. Is the glass half full or half empty? When it comes to people I do believe that some people are only meant to be brought into your life for a moment in time, to teach us something and then their time is done. They are gone. Without understand and without us having a choice in the matter. Yet the golden nugget out of it all is that we did learn something. Likely something about our-self. What we want, what we don’t, all to make us a better person for those people that are in our story until the very end not just a chapter. Life is a beautiful journey and one to be shared with those around us. Sometimes we find ourselves so eager to have a chapter over so that we can move onto the next one but as any reader knows the quicker you read the chapter the quicker the book is over. There is no more story to be told. Take your time to enjoy what is happening around you because you may find yourself one day in the future missing it and nothing would be worse than adding guilt to your feelings of missing what is gone.