26 for 24

For those of you that may not live in the state of Michigan or follow US College football the University of Michigan and Michigan State University football game was this past weekend. Anyway I had posted on my Facebook page asking who was going to Ann Arbor, MI (where University of Michigan is) to tailgate. I had a couple of responses and one of them was a good friend of mine (Roxanne) from undergrad who now is in a master program at the University of Oklahoma. She posted a comment jokingly stating well I do have an extra ticket to the OU game. I thought to myself well how far away is it and once I realized that it was easily a 12 hour drive I decided that there was no way that I could make that happen. Not on this short of notice and I didn’t want to drive alone. So we began to plan dates for me to come down over the comments on my original post and another friend (Nicole) pipes in and goes wait I want to go with you when you do. See she lives in Chicago so it would be on my way to pick her up and continue down to Oklahoma. Anyways the conversation continues and the only two other dates that  Roxanne could get us tickets for Nicole couldn’t go. So Roxanne jokingly states “Again, I do have extra tickets for this weekends game.” So Nicole and I finally say fuck it, YOLO. This conversation all took place on Thursday at 3PM and that meant that I needed to leave my place by 2 or 3PM the next day to make it to Nicole in time. We solidified the plans and figured hey if nothing else this will be one hell of a story. I finally make it to Nicole around 7PM and we drive ll night long get to Roxanne’s at around 8AM we get breakfast, shower and begin pregaming and made it to the 11AM game. We then realized that we would have to be leaving by the latest of 9AM the next morning so in an effort to maximize our time with Roxanne after the OU you game we go back to her place take a nap, wake up watch part of the MSU vs UofM game while we again pregame and then hit up the bars for a good time. That we did. We all got a little to tipsy but it was an amazing day with her and I am so glad that we decided to take this spontaneous trip. It reminds me that spontaneity has to play a role in your life if you are seeking true organic happiness.

I am writing this on my drive back to Michigan and as we discovered yesterday this was a 26 hour road trip for 24 hours of fun. But hey, what the hell, it was a good time with good people and we had a lot of good laughs. So if you ask if I’d do it again, hell yeah. Honestly I can’t say it wont happen again in the near future. Thanks Nicole and Roxanne for a good weekend. I needed the laughs, the love, friendship and reminder that we’re not as old as sometimes our adult jobs make us feel.