The PhD Adventure

I think I have talked about this before in other posts but if I haven’t I have had a huge desire to have a graduate degree from the day I graduate undergrad. You see for me in a lot of ways it is a self fulfillment thing. It’s a way to show myself I can accomplish anything that I want and I am smart enough. So much has changed in my life recently that I really do think now is a good time for me to be considering this option. I like the work I do but I feel trapped. I do not like having to conform to traditional hours and ways of working just so that others “know where I am” or that it meets their needs. Yes, I recognize that part of this is culture but the reality is there are few companies out there with a more relaxed and probably more liberal approach. Thus going back and getting my PhD so that I could teach would provide me with a job that has more flexibility with my schedule. Going back would also provide me with some more time for me. My life has changed so much since getting divorced that I need some time to reset and figure out where I want my life to go in an environment that is made for such. I really miss the college environment and I miss being on a college campus. There is something that is just so nostalgic about it.

Thus I have begun my search for programs that I want to partake in. I want my research to be focused in gender and sexuality so I am looking at PhD’s in sociology. At this point I have three schools that I am really interested in and I can’t wait to dive deeper into these applications an this process. Part of the reason that I know this is the right move for me is I am more excited about doing these applications and this work than I am my actual job. I am super eager to get this degree and sort of hit reset on my life. I have had a lot of regrets in my life and I don’t want to have them anymore. I have always wanted a graduate degree and now is the time to fulfill that dream. As excited as I am about this journey I am also scared. I have a lot of bills that will be hard to get rid of and supporting myself I think will be a challenge but I am so determined that this is the right direction and I have faith all of that will work its self out. I am trying to stay more focused about the positive aspects of it at this point and not worry about tomorrows problems today. The one thing about being single is you have the opportunity to be more selfish and do things that you want to do for you because they make you happy. So on this journey I go. If any of my readers have any advice I would gladly take it because these will be competitive programs and funding applications.