Straight Men Love The Gay Culture; Secretively

This is something that I have found really interesting since moving from being predominately in the straight culture to the gay culture. Obviously I was always interested in the gay culture. Thus, I can not exactly use my own self experience to justify what I am talking about here because clearly as my friends would say I like the D and I typically respond with well who doesn’t followed by a smile and a laugh. Enough of my witty banter and back to what we are actually talking about. Most of my close friends are straight, I have a couple close gay friends but for the most part my circle is still overwhelmingly people that identify as straight. Yes, I did chose to say identify as straight because I believe that sexuality if fluid. I’ll get to more of that point in a minute. However ever since coming out I have a lot of straight guys; friends, coworkers etc that are very interested in the gay culture. I don’t just mean about the clubs or make up but in a way more intimate nature. They want to know about how the sex works, how it feels, what its like to cuddle or kiss another man. It goes beyond just general inquiries. All of this has begun to influence my own opinion about sexuality. You see I thought I was on the outside for having found another man attractive but I think the reality is that sexuality is fluid. I think most people will find at least one other same sex person within their life time attractive. Attractive in a way that goes beyond just oh yes they are good looking but crosses into a territory where if the opportunity arouse you would find yourself in a much more intimate situation. I’m not suggesting that I believe that most people would enter into a same sex relationship but I think if the right person, time and place collided many people would be more inclined to have a sexual encounter.

Clearly I am not the only person that thought this Dr. Alfred Kinsey thought the same thing and actually developed a scale for sexuality, appropriately known as the Kinsey scale. The scale has a test associated with it that you can take asking you basic questions and the plots you from completely heterosexual to completely homosexual and anywhere in between. This test is focused on men and their sexual desire but I think the same concept applies to women.

I find it incredibly interesting that so many are interested in the culture and in such an intimate way. Yet somehow as a society we don’t like to look at sexuality this way. We want to put everyone in a box they either like the same sex or the opposite one. I say who cares because just as a straight man you don’t like all women based on looks, personality, etc I think the same concept applies to sexual fluidity. Personally I prefer men but I couldn’t say that if a women came along that fulfilled everything that I desired that I wouldn’t consider being in an opposite sex relationship again. Life is to short to worry about what box you fall into, we need to just spend life searching for the one person that does nothing but make us a better, happier and healthier person, regardless of their sex.

And that is my Tuesday Thought.