A Reminder, And I Needed It

My ex told me that she had run into some old friends of mine the other day and they did not know that we were separated. Obviously my ex informed them of that and why we were no longer together. You see these are old friends of mine but they could be my parents. I meet them when I was in high school when I was doing a lot for the local Relay for Life and event that supports the American Cancer Society. Anyway these two (who are married I should say) were always so nice to me and did a lot for me when I really needed it. You see they were not wealthy and they didn’t have a lot of stuff but they would show up and they would always lend a helping hand. I don’t think they ever knew how much that meant to me. The presence and just the support they provided meant the world.

It’s such a struggle when you make a life change like I had made because you really never know how people are going to react so you really only tell the people that you feel you have to and just sort of let everyone else find out when they find out. It’s stressful enough that you certainly do not want to add to the mix. Thus the reason I never informed them. However the wife sent me a message on Facebook last night and it was one of the sweetest messages I have received in awhile. It reminded me of who I used to be and how you truly can impact the lives of those around you. I have shared this message below because it really warmed my heart to know that people still care and as a reminder to anyone reading that no matter the circumstances you’re going through, there are people unknown to you who care and will support you no matter what. Just as the support from these two has been unconditional and without request. They are truly wonderful people. You will notice she states “before I delete this message forever,” I am not sure why should would ever imagine that I would delete this message because I could never delete such a sweet message from someone who has made such an impact on me. Well here it is, I’ll try not to cry again as I post it. Side note: I replaced the names for privacy sake with just the first initial.

Hi Mitchell, Been thinking about you and wondering how life is going for you. I have not seen any posting from you on FB so I had to search for you. D and I ran into S yesterday at the Credit Union and she told us about you living in Lansing and why. Please don’t get upset with her for letting us know, D and I have been so busy with our life that we kind of went off the grid as they would say. Let me say one thing before you delete this message for ever. I love you like one of my own son’s and nothing well ever change that. All I want for you (just like I would for my 2 boy’s) is to be happy being who you are no matter what. You have always been a very strong, hard working young man in everything you have done in your life and I hope that never changes. You also have a loving heart, kind soul, a smile that lights up the world when your around. Am I embarrassing you lol? What I am trying to say is: If you ever need someone to talk to, cry on a shoulder (yes guys can do that lol) or just to vent I will always be here for you no matter what. Mom’s don’t give up on there son’s because their life is changing. Mom’s embrace them with love for being who they are. At least this mom does. Please keep in contact let me know how you are doing. OK. Also D and I would love to get together with you and your friend for dinner. You can tell us all about the trip to Europe. Oh but on thing, If you ever go over to Europe again with out me, I will kick you butt. 🙂 That is on my bucket list Ya right. Well sweetie have to go. Hope to talk to you soon. Hugs and Love. This is my cell ph if you ever need to call or text ok xxx-xxx-xxxx