Let’s Talk About Sex

Yeah you read that right, I said it. Why is it that talking about sex is such a taboo thing? I mean for real, we all like to have sex its satisfying and certainly makes a relationship stronger. However, the thing I have always struggled with is finding how much is to much and how little is to little? You see I am a very physical person and so for me sex goes far beyond the physical component. It is how I feel connected to you on an everyday basis. The sex helps drive my emotional connection with my partner. Maybe you think that’s odd and to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised since all the relationships I have been in the physical side of the relationship is way more important to me than my partner. I honestly thought that this would have changed when I started dating men but it hasn’t. As a well rounded individual I try to self reflect on this and go what am I doing wrong? Or, why is it so much more important to me? Yet I still sit here and go I plan as hell just don’t get it. Lets talk about why.

  • It’s Just Plain Fun.

I mean who doesn’t enjoy it and with anything that provides you a lot of enjoyment in your life you want to do it as often as possible right? So why is sex any different?

  • The Connection.

Maybe this is what makes me different, I don’t know you tell me. However when I have sex with you I feel more emotionally connected to you than when I don’t. If we are being honest our physical and sexual relationships with our partners are one of the only things that separates us from any other close relationship that we have. So of course I am going to be happier with our relationship than my other relationships.

  • The Passion.

This kind of goes along with the connection but sex just pulls out passion in a relationship. You flirt more with one another, maintain and can even increase how physically attracted you are to one another.


  • Desire To Do More.

When I am happy sexually I will always feel happier in my relationship and go out of my way to make you happier emotionally. Bringing home flowers or writing a cute note. However on the flip side if I am not sexually satisfied I not only do none or very little of that but if I am being honest I get a little salty and I am about as subtle as a gun about it. I honestly feel bad when I am salty but to feel physically connected to you just goes beyond a desire for me, it truly is a need.

  • Shows Me You Love Me.

Yes there are other ways to show that you love someone and personally I want to see those to. However the deep intimate connection that comes from sex is a way to express love that you can’t do in any other way. So personally if the sex life is not all there I’m left wondering how much you care or if there is someone else on your mind.

Maybe I am a bit of an odd ball out on this as I do believe that patterns do have something to say. Unfortunately for me however I don’t think this is something that is going to change for me. Hopefully I can find a life long partner who has similar feelings or I have to say it probably will be another relationship with a less than ideal ending.