Voodoo Witchcraft & I Might Die

I am sitting in this quaint little coffee shop in Toronto because if I am traveling I would rather go to a mom and pop coffee shop any day over the major coffee shops. That’s where you feel the culture and end up in conversations with the locals. I love that kinda stuff. Anyway My whole point in coming into the coffee shop was to blog. So here I sitting blogging away in a completely different blog (Scheduled to be posted tomorrow) and all the sudden this women walks in. At a first glance seems a little weird but whats it to me I go back to blogging. In the meantime she has bought coffee or tea or whatever and sat in front of me but kind of at a diagonal. I look up and she is staring at me, but not just like staring into blank space because she is think. Oh no, more of a i’m staring into your soul and I just plan and simple don’t like you. When I get passed the fact that she is killing me with her eyes I realize that she looks like so sort of modern day witch that clearly practices some form of dark magic. Here’s what I mean. She has long thin grey hair that is kinda greasy. She is wearing a neon orange t-shirt under a teal green sweater that is tucked into khaki shorts that sit almost completely under her sagging boobs. She is sitting there with long pale legs with one crossed over the other and her hands in her lap. All of this while she is just staring at me. I go back to typing and a few minutes later I look up and she is staring at me again. This time I notice she has a bag around her waist and her hands are again in her lap under the table. Those cold marble eyes staring back at me. I am starting to think she has a voodoo doll under there she is just keeps nonchalantly yet forcefully ramming a needle into. I’ve yet to feel any pain so lets hope there isn’t some dark magic delaying its affects. Now I know you are probably just laughing at me and thinking I just over reacting. Well maybe, maybe I was but then she finished her drink, got up and moved to a table that was really behind me but I could see in my peripheral vision. There she was still staring at me like I pissed her off or brought shame to her or her family. I mean I literally walked into this place before her, what could I have done? By this point I am convinced that she is not leaving the coffee shop until I do because we’ve now been here for like an hour and a half and she hasn’t done anything other than sit there and star. Just as I thought I was going to have to leave to save my soul she gets up and throws away her trash moving towards the bathroom. Or as they say here in Canada the washroom. She opens the door and turns around to lock it and looks out at me through the crack in the door as she slowly shuts it. Just imagine the bright happy coffee shop and then what looks like a dark, dark scary portal to another world behind her. All the sudden I swear she gives me the finger as she shuts the door. I am not even sure what to think by this point. She is clearly in their conjuring up some plan or potion for my demise. Out she walks her back slumped and head titled slightly forward with slow and methodical steps out the door. Nothing else happened. I am home free, at least for now. I still worry that this voodoo doll I’m certain she had in her lap will come back to haunt me later. Stay tuned.