Boy’s Are Dumb- Advice from Celeste


After having a conversation with Celeste the other day regarding boys and a terrible experience that she has had coupled with one of my own, I thought it might be nice to get a little advice regarding dating from a women’s perspective and share with you. So, here you have it, advice from Celeste. I think it very accurate portray’s her personality so I hope you enjoy.

I think that most people can agree dating in the 21st century is freakin’ awful.  Here is the thing no one tells you after you leave college it is really hard to meet people. You are no longer surrounded by like minded people who are all your age. You have to fight with two pieces of advice that the older generation will share with you when you talk about the perils of searching for your soulmate. Which to listen to the it will happen when you aren’t looking for it or the if you aren’t putting yourself out there then you will never find anyone, so do you look or not? I will be the first to admit I have not yet decided which of these ideas I subscribe to, but let me share with you three of the things I have learned since entering the 21st century dating pool, no its not really a pool more like the disgusting piranha infested swamp but I digress.

  1. If a guy asks if you have snapchat in the first half hour of talking to you, it is going no where. They don’t care to get to know they just want to look at you. So my advice is to take the win in the fact that they think you are attractive and don’t respond…ever
  2. You don’t owe them anything… if they are not kind to you and keep demanding things from you say boy bye. They can’t handle the strong independent person you are and they won’t ever be able to so cut them loose because if they can respect the first boundary you set they won’t respect any of them.
  3. Sometimes you won’t get the answers… and if you do you might not like them. The modern way to say by is to stop communicating, it is not common anymore to just come out and say hi, I don’t think that we are right for each other. You get ghosted, or bread crumbed, people just disappear and don’t say what they mean. But here is the thing you won’t always get the answer you need but remember it is their problem or something they can’t deal with it is not because you did something wrong.

In conclusion boys are dumb. I am not sure if these notes will help or if anything really can. Take heart in knowing that even though this journey is your own you are not alone.  We all deal with the bullshit of 21st century dating, and I guess if you take anything from this post take the fact that you are amazing and if they can’t handle that… tell that boy bye.