Story of My Life- The wrong text

One of my friends from college and I always seem to have ridiculous things happen to us that seem as though they would never happen to anyone else. We lump all these moments into the category of story of my life and typically call each other and say I have a story of my life moment for you just to share in a good laugh. Well I thought I would share one of these moments with you all.

There is this guy (Jake) that I have been talking to for several weeks but is more or less recently out and has been very hesitant to meet me. I know you are probably thinking Mitchell so are you, well yes, this is true but he is clearly a little less of a jump in with two feet kind of person than I am. I still do not entirely get it and it feels like there is a bit more to the story than just being uncomfortable but back to this specific incident. Celeste and I were at lunch today with another college friend and as we are eating I look over and Jake walks into the same restaurant that we are eating in. So, I send him a text message asking if he was there. After all I haven’t meet him in person so I couldn’t be for sure. He ends up leaving without saying hi which was a little hurtful but life goes on. I texted and asked if he was really that uncomfortable and eventually he responded and said a little. I explained that his reactions hurt me and he never responded.  This really bothered me, and I don’t really now why this kind of stuff bothers me I wish it didn’t especially since I really don’t have a relationship with him. Well fast forward a few hours and I am texting one of my best male friends (Trevor) about this interaction and that it bothered me. Instead of retyping the entire conversation and in an effort to be efficient I went over to the text messages between Jake and I and took a screen shot to send Trevor. I begin sending this text message to Trevor with the screen shot and then indicated that I couldn’t believe he didn’t respond to me. Well as you may have guessed. When I took that screen shot I never went back to my text message with Trevor. I sent it to Jake. *Face Palm* This was so ridiculous at this point that all my frustration and anxiety about the situation turned into laughter, I mean did I really just do that? Yes, Yes I did. Story of my life. Well maybe it wasn’t all bad, my anxiety did go down, which anyone that has anxiety knows that you don’t really care the reason it goes away you just want it to.

As I am sure you are wondering so how did he respond, he stated he was sorry he hadn’t had his phone on him and I indicated that wasn’t supposed to go to him. Since then I haven’t heard a word from him.