My Straight Friends Just Don’t Understand

Last night I was at the local gay club, kind of a favorite hangout of me and my friends. As I am dancing I look over and see an old high school friend of mine that I probably haven’t seen since the day we graduated. For the purposes of this post, we will call her Chris. Of course as soon as I saw her I excused myself from those that I was with and ran over and gave her a big hug, then I look over and see she is with two other people we went to high school with. It quickly turned into a little reunion. After all we were in a gay club so I was a little surprised to see them there because as far as I knew none of them identified other than straight. Naturally as it would go someone had to ask, so Chris leaned into me an asked the obvious question “Are you gay?” I of course said yes but that I identify as bisexual. She responded by telling me she was a lesbian, something I did not know . As the night went on we separated and came back together a few times. At one point Chris said to me; “We need to hang out more, I don’t have a lot of gay friends and my straight friends just don’t understand.” This is a sentiment that I have often felt as well and I would almost be surprised if any gay person hasn’t had this conversation with a gay friend or acquaintance. Why is this? I have noticed significant differences between the gay and the straight communities but I really have yet to put my finger on it. The weird thing about it is I feel the same way. There is just a sense of comfort at times in being round someone else who identifies other than straight. Maybe it is like Christians being with another christian as opposed to someone of another religion when your world is completely woven into Christianity. Not sure if I am helping anyone understand this idea but I guess I leave you with this. If you are straight, don’t take offense if a gay friend says you just don’t get it. We love you and you are a part of our lives for a reason and we care about you. The gay culture is different and difficult to navigate in an of itself and we need the assistance of those who have the experience or at the very least are going through this journey at the same time. As always, thanks for reading.

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  1. I know that I felt the same way as my husband transitioned from being my wife I am still learning about the gay culture.

    oh, and this is accidentallygay, using my personal blog/login (I keep accidentallygay to be as purely LGBTQ subjects only, the rest of my stuff is under this).

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