This is something that has been weighing heavily on me lately. Maybe its because I feel like people don’t understand or maybe its because coming out is such a major transition. In a good way as much as a bad way. In so may way’s I feel liberated, I feel free to be who I am, not who society tells me to be. There is no expectations to be some masculine man or to act the way a “straight” man is supposed to act.

A side note: for any new readers, you can obviously guess that I have recently come out. It has been a little more difficult transition. I was married at the time in which I came out with a women who I had spent about 8 years with. We had a daughter, house, life long friends and very intertwined families.

I have been feeling a sense of comfort in who I am and who I want to be but I am wishing that more people, particularly family, would be more willing to join me in this journey. Finding yourself in such a crazy world is difficult enough but it certainly isn’t made any easier without the support of family. I am not saying that all of my family doesn’t support me don’t get me wrong, however there are several members who I am saddened can’t, won’t or whatever they are choosing to do.

I can assure you that sexuality is not a choice, at least not for me, I didn’t just say I am going to like men, no one told me I was supposed to like men. Quite contrary really I was conditioned to be attracted to women yet somehow I found myself attracted to men and not just as I got older, since I was a child.

So I leave you with my final thoughts on the matter, always remember that no matter the outer shell this is a difficult transition for anyone so please have a little more wonder and a little less judgment.